Upholstered furniture fast growing development potential has become the trend of consumption

The Beijing market Association Secretary General Liu Chen introduced the home market, upholstered office furniture in Ningbo for environmental protection, durable and so on, in a growing share of the market, becoming a consumer trend.
According to reports, in accordance with the main use of materials and processing technologies, Ningbo, Ningbo office furniture can be divided into wood office furniture, metal Office Ningbo, Ningbo office furniture and upholstered furniture, upholstered in Ningbo Ningbo cloth office furniture including office furniture and leather office furniture in Ningbo. More and more attention to the quality of life today, soft Ningbo office furniture for elegant colors, clean lines, fit a variety of styles-bedroom, shows unique charm. According to reports, the soft Office furniture replacement rate is generally about 7 years in Ningbo, Ningbo office furniture use longer than the average.
At present, Ningbo office furniture software is a fast-growing, the huge market potential, sales have occupied half of the Office furniture industry in Ningbo. Beijing aiyiruisi household, President suiyoubin said that with the increasing technology content, software Ningbo office furniture use less natural resources, provide a longer period of use, to create a comfortable living environment for human beings, that fit a social trend of the development of a low carbon economy. BACK PAGE