Zhejiang furniture export growth a good United States as its main export market

According to reports, since August last year, Ningbo, Zhejiang, monthly export of office furniture on the back steps of the $ 160 million, and maintained a two-digit growth rates. Following the November exports hit us $ 190 million, an increase of 46.8% success after December exports exceeded 200 million US dollars, up to $ 260 million, rose as high as 72.5%.
Statistics showed that last year, Zhejiang Ningbo office furniture-main export destinations are positive growth. Among them, the United States exported $ 710 million, an increase of 2.4%, EU exports of $ 480 million, an increase of 7.4%, ASEAN exported 140 million US dollars, an increase of 3.2 times. These exports total exports total exports over the same period of 71.8%.
Fuzhou customs analysts said, as the international economic situation has been improving gradually, Ningbo office furniture revival in external demand, formed a powerful pull on Ningbo office furniture exports, but the current international economic situation is not yet stable, particularly trade protectionism are still rife, Ningbo office furniture outlet of obvious constraints.
In addition, the biggest importer of wood Russia, since 2007 continues to raise wood export tariffs, tariffs increase rising production costs, stable supply of raw materials affected the development of wood processing enterprises.
Zhejiang customs recommends that enterprises should step up research and development efforts to speed up the research and development of alternative materials, eco-friendly materials, break barriers to trade in raw materials and restrictions on Office furniture industry development in Ningbo and fully grasp the protection in export markets, product inspection, export less resistance, improve the ability to resist risks. BACK PAGE