Growth in demand for furniture in the countryside to promote downstream PU furniture industry

PU and raw materials following the "home appliances to the countryside", "car to the countryside", the Office furniture industry, Ningbo, China organized "Ningbo office furniture to the countryside", hoping to ease the export difficulties. Ningbo office furniture for countryside policy response?
Ningbo office furniture industry
Ningbo office furniture enterprises looks forward to go to the countryside to sell products, Ningbo office furniture policy will help domestic enterprises open countryside in rural markets. Current industrialization office furniture market is mainly concentrated in the cities of Ningbo, Ningbo office furniture market consumption in rural areas is low. Ningbo office furniture market has a huge potential in rural areas. Ningbo Ningbo office furniture office furniture to the countryside policies not only help absorb inventory pressures, while driving new demand. Predict, in Ningbo office furniture to the countryside and 9 October arrival of traditional marriage, which will bring the Ningbo office furniture sales growth in the second half.
Export Enterprise reflect plain, they think people had Ningbo office furniture countryside policy really of implementation will will brings must of effect, but while has part not export enterprise said no contact had rural market, on rural market not understand, and farmers on Ningbo office furniture brand cognitive degrees not high, Ningbo office furniture no formed like "appliances countryside", and "car countryside", as of enterprise brand effect. Export of Ningbo office furniture products at higher prices, farmers will accept is a problem, so Office furniture export enterprises in Ningbo they thought "Ningbo office furniture to the countryside" limited impact on it.
TDI industry insiders said in an interview, 2009 present Ningbo office furniture industry as a whole needs to hold up well, especially the recovery of the property market in the first half, boosted the demand for Ningbo office furniture to pick up, but judging from the overall situation, warmed in the Office furniture industry in Ningbo, the TDI no apparent effects on aggregate demand. Farmers generally low income levels, most rural consumers are most concerned about price, Ningbo office furniture products are affordable to the countryside, rural consumers are most concerned about. Ningbo office furniture enterprises have targeted the development of products suitable for rural markets.
TDI industry said home appliances to the countryside policies on TDI downstream mattress, sofa, upholstery material growth in demand will have a certain role. The Eastern, coastal Ningbo office furniture of domestic demand growth and limited Ningbo office furniture demand growth in the Midwest. Ningbo office furniture in rural areas maintain a cautiously optimistic attitude.
It is understood that in Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Tibet, Lhasa, and other provinces have also introduced the "Ningbo office furniture to the countryside" policies, Ningbo, and office furniture to the countryside policies can really be effective, Ningbo office furniture can really achieve consumer satisfaction to the countryside, Ningbo office furniture manufacturers benefit remains to be seen. BACK PAGE