On April 9, the first office furniture industry base site in Hangzhou

Hangzhou office furniture industry "the new spring". On April 9, "the Office furniture industry base in China" award ceremony was held in Hangzhou, Hangzhou became the nation's first "Office furniture industry base." China furniture Association, said Zhu Changling, President, industrial base of fell sites, will further accelerate the Office furniture business and supporting associated upstream and downstream enterprises, in Hangzhou, agglomeration, and a new round of fast development of the industry.
It is understood that the furniture industry in Hangzhou after decades of development, has been formed to Office furniture, outdoor furniture and upholstered furniture manufacture, furniture, raw materials, metal and woodworking machinery products, such as support of the industrial system. Hangzhou office furniture industry, in particular, grew up San,, Golden Heron and a number of billion yuan in output value in manufacturing companies, whether it's new product design, production and brand-building, have a high reputation and market share, industrial clusters to show.
By the end of 2011, in Hangzhou industrial and commercial registration of furniture manufacturing enterprises have 1298, furniture and furniture store sales company business near 2,721. 2011 sales of above-scale enterprises output value of more than 24 billion yuan, realizing taxes of more than 1 billion yuan, and exports amounted to $ 1.472 billion, the annual production of office furniture 88.18 million pieces (sets), employing more than 70,000 people. Products from a single desk, Office furniture Chair production series direction, has formed a working desk, Office chairs, file cabinets, OA folding screen, sofa, swivel chair, smart furniture, IT furniture, outdoor chairs and all kinds of furniture series, design is about more than 2000 kinds of varieties. Currently, there are 6 companies awarded China well-known trademark, 3 companies was awarded the honorary title of China top brand, dozens of companies were awarded famous brand of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province famous trademark, Hangzhou City, Hangzhou City famous trademark, brand name, honor.
Reportedly, for further speed up industry scale ordered development, promote structure adjustment, upgrade industry level and market competitiveness, in base fell site Hou, Hangzhou city furniture Association brokered more than brand office furniture enterprise, will through preparation Hangzhou office furniture industry base headquarters building, accelerated industry integration upgrade, perfect industry chain, strengthened development design and public service platform construction, let Office furniture industry real became Hangzhou manufacturing of a Zhang "gold card". BACK PAGE