Launched the "battle for furniture" to explore new way of furniture industry

In the increasingly fierce competition and a depressed market environment, the furniture industry in Guangdong to upgrade? On April 6, consists of Guangdong Province furniture Association, the home. Fortune host, model product is to the letter, about the furniture, furniture, ren Hao, Sen furniture, beautiful full of furniture furniture, where Jin Fuya, Desheng furniture, furniture galore, United continental furniture business launched the "battle for 2012 furniture ideas Summit and the furniture manufacturer of high quality brand advocacy launch ceremony" held in Dongguan. The meeting, the Guangdong furniture elite has gathered together an in-depth analysis of current industry developments and put forward a number of recommendations for future development of the industry.
Federation Deputy President Li yangchun, Guangdong Province, said furniture industry as traditional manufacturing industries, throughout the course of rapid development in its often overlooked market capacity and synergy between development speed, and in quite a long time too much emphasis on the expansion, to the neglect of quality competition. Now, the furniture industry does need to calmly reflect on and start again.
Model home furnishings Manufacturing Ltd, Dongguan city said the furniture industry has gone through a period of profits, now tend to average profit development. This "battle for furniture" is not only to defend the industry's healthy development, but also to defend the integrity of the furniture industry.
On behalf of Jiang Dehui, an industry group expressed their views on the industry situation and the way out. He said, now feel pressure that never before in the furniture industry, but the pressure will eventually overcome when the real development of the industry to the integration phase, the brand will become the core of power, and good brand depends on innovative service system and marketing system and the establishment of management systems.
In addition, this event also held the "second top ten dealer preferred furniture brand award ceremony", in which ren Hao Heng Xin Hua furniture, classic furniture, Royal furniture Grand, ten Jin Yasi furniture brand won this reputation. Participants agreed that the battle for 2012 Summit successfully held great significance to the future development of the furniture industry, I believe positive impact this activity will help the furniture industry bigger and stronger! BACK PAGE