Nandi high rents are bailing out low-end furniture Center store

Now a year, although Chinese new year promotional heat had passed, some big home stores in the urban areas still use the discounts on activities, and some of you will find that once-common 5000 Yuan/sets the following furniture Home stores have been rare in the Center. Recently, this reporter interviewed with several furniture stores, Guangzhou City investigation.
Shizhong district, in a store, and journalists to the identity of the buyer asks if there are 5000/set when the following leather sofa, many brands of salesperson answers somewhat dismissive, "-no! "A salesman kindly pointing reporters," these kinds of prices, in a place where it's difficult to buy a leather sofa, you might as well go to the Panyu. "In tour field process in the, reporter found, alone 5000 Yuan/sets following of leather sofa, even 10000 Yuan/sets following of leather sofa also has rare, and not only is in Pearl River Metro, and days Hebei such of traditional your price regional, even is in PA Chau, and or is in urban within decoration good is of home stores within, now in the low-end furniture are has hard search to Fong trace.
Once a well-known home in local marketing firms serving middle-Cheng told reporters that "since this period of time, my old employer's market share shrunk a lot, because in the past the main medium grades of Panel furniture is not so easy to make, only select its agents gradually left the furniture stores in the center of the higher rents......"
Last year, many furniture manufacturers, due to dismal business career change. National Day Golden Week, there is no "gold" at all, many furniture dealers say sales than last year, "51", much less compared with the year before national day. Among them, the more low end furniture is especially bleak.
And low-end furniture in the and to plate furniture mostly, to plate furniture for cases, according to sales personnel introduced, by property regulation effect, in downstream of furniture market wide by spread, and, and profit high of wood furniture can "three years not sent city, sent city Dang three years" compared, except few special has design sense of brand can get design of high added value, most plate furniture of price and profit are far than wood furniture, need by sales big to assessment thin units business area of rent cost, however, overall market of recession let " To win "idea clearly went up in smoke. In order to flush performance late last year, some discount furniture brands at around 60 percent, and some brands even introduced a 50 percent discount. Price lowest debut, but consumers don't buy it, furniture sales have yet to rise. BACK PAGE