2012 China furniture 10 keyword forecast

Keyword 1: control
Prime Minister Wen Jiabao said in answering reporters ' questions, said the two sessions this year: price has never returned to reasonable prices, regulation cannot be relaxed. This sentence, heralded in 2012, regulation is still the main melody of the State housing policy, the real estate market a round of tough policies, so many household products company operating in all the more difficult, when the property market was in a wait-and-see atmosphere, consumer demand, market weak home industry is facing a huge challenge. Can occur at any time in the next round real estate adjustment policies, as the lower reaches of the furniture industry 2012 feelings are left "font" Word to describe.
Elite dialogue scene, Jin Fuya furniture marketing Deputy Director Chen Maoyu identification "control" key words will still be affecting the furniture industry, but he was held to an optimistic attitude. Chen Maoyu said unreasonable property prices after several rounds of adjustment, to a reasonable level, rigid demand then we will become a real home buyers, this is a positive message for the furniture industry.
Keyword 2: expansion
Elite dialogue scene, expansion was given two meanings. Refers to the store expansion, the second refers to the furniture industry's expansion. Is also expanding, but has a different mixed colours.
For nearly two years, people refer to store expansion, tend to add a modifier of "disorder". Last year, we heard too much about "sprawl" sound: "figure line world furniture consumption demand in growth, but I can't keep up with the pace of store expansion. "Voices of controversy, however, traditional home stores without the slowed expansion plans. From 2010, home industry on rise has expansion of wind, which to home stores performance especially, according to incomplete statistics, Red Star Beauty Kay Dragon, and actually of home, and Ji Cheng Weibang, and months star, chain stores in 2011 average open shop number are in 5 home around, Red Star Beauty Kay Dragon financing 2.6 billion yuan, plans to 2020 years open 200 home branch; more has industry people revealed 2012 first half of Red Star • Beauty Kay dragon to expansion 18 home, actually of home to expansion 17 home...... This 35 home store opened, do not know troubling how many furniture companies and sellers of the year "good sleep".
First rotating President of the Federation of national manufacturers Zeng Zhenyu pointed out that during the dialogue: "2011 home of the lukewarm market, home sellers living difficulties, store expansion is the culprit. "The data show that currently there are a few urban home store area has reached a few square meters per capita, almost similar to residential area, this is an incredible phenomenon of serious violations of the principles of economics. Stores blind expansion, causing stores average benefit reduction, but the investment is on the rise, profit margins along with it has been down. Jinfuyachenmaoyu also noted that stores sprawl, make vendor pressure, part manufacturers, model and management innovation to keep up on shut down. In the debate on the proposition of not only, there is a simple answer to the "balance of interests, integration and win-win", but to be "win-win", manufacturers, manufacturer and store path is too long.
In addition, parkson Shao Xianqiang, Chairman of the East to the keyword "expansion" gives another layer of meaning: the expansion of manufacturing firms. Shao Xianqiang believes that in the current market situation is bad cases, expansion is also an opportunity. Usually a brand needs 3-5, but under the current market conditions, it may be reduced to one year. Now in the furniture industry, there are many manufacturers think like this. "The market downturn accelerated the industry reshuffle, and this time, instead of large enterprises, enterprises can buck, through increased investment, expansion accelerated promotion of brand influence. "The strength of the enterprise, of course, didn't want to miss that grow their own good time, the pace of expansion will only become more compact.
Key words 3: shuffle
From 2008, the "Shuffle" the term has been associated with the furniture industry. Mergers and acquisitions, expansion, consolidation, in 2012, family-friendly map, more is to be focused on marking the word. In fact, after the harsh winter of 2011 in, home industry context is becoming clearer. In 2011, the average Dongguan furniture 1-2 furniture every day business failures, Shunde has over more than 300 furniture companies disappear, they are the first industry to be washing away grains of sand. However, in the face of 900 billion furniture industry "big cake", there are still numerous furniture companies in the food, accounted for 1% of the enterprise is still does not appear, therefore, the shuffle will continue and get worse. BACK PAGE