Furniture industry the best way-original furniture designs

Home and interior design and elegance borders last week, General Manager Wang bin, and ya Design Director Zhu Xiaoming came into fashion in the drawing room, brought to our Guangzhou furniture show the freshest information, talking about when can the Chinese original furniture designs from Made In China to Design problems In China.
This week when two guests home stores and original furniture designer furniture designs of the "Cottage" and what to say, how to safeguard rights, rights, and how the "Cottage" furniture says NO, developing original furniture designs and brands? Listen to what they say.
Q1: how this year's furniture fair in Guangzhou evaluation?
Xiao Jing: we attending the Guangzhou fair has more than 10 years of time, you can see the exhibition was bigger, you can also see plagiarism seriously, and copying styles, brands of plagiarism. We can see almost all of the international luxury goods brand, top car brands, have been transliterated into Chinese, rendered in various showrooms. Should have said this is what we in the industry does not want to see a situation from inside. Many of their ideas, or stay in traditional manufacturing, I just do, I just wanted to sell. Many factories are still stuck at this stage.
But to see a good phenomenon, is the importance of domestic exhibition for design is also getting higher and higher, we now also have special design museum, although there is still a lot of problems, but I think this is a step forward.
Panjie: this is the second time I went to look at the furniture fair in Guangzhou, also has works on display over there, so to look at the present situation of Chinese furniture. Another point would also like to see if something was copied, because many people have reported to me on the Internet, said there are a lot of companies are copying my work, so I want to take a look.
Like Xiao Zong has just said, there are many luxury brands, luxury brands are transliterated into furniture brand, the value of this is in the use of other brands, for his own benefit. I also see a lot of furniture products, is actually from somewhere "uncovered", because a lot of furniture products in the enterprise, and no designer involved, nor did the design team.
Q2: the original is fake, when we entered the store, is there an audit? Original brand and why designers from photographs to furniture design?
Xiao Jing: for whether is original furniture from our sixth space on this platform, we will conduct an audit of introduced our brand, we feel that this is available to consumers, we have an obligation to do. Original side alone, we can based on the intellectual property right certificate, we will find new brands come in, there are duplicate styles, we will exclude the duplicate product.
Panjie: to design their own furniture was actually quite by accident. Time for customers to take some photos of outdoor furniture, patting and patting, I think why they thought that was a good product, but I always feel that do not have a strong sense of design, without China's characteristics are copied out of things. This inspired me to design furniture ideas. I thought a lot on the plane coming back, also chat with the boss a lot, he says you can try, but back then I tried to do a few, although the process is very long, but finally made a double drum set of furniture. At the time were not particularly good, and then continue to modify, is to start from that point, Cathay view of the entire series, back in 2009, this product to do more.
Q3: why Chinese furniture is always a lack of original design? How can original product sales?
Xiao Jing: this is why we have been a matter of concern, we have done research on consumers ' needs, because the furniture belongs to the long-term and durable consumer goods, so in this category, there is no real brand of so-called commodity. I think this is a very important reason for consumers. Secondly, the original product, it requires a great deal of the development team, and it has a very long process of research and development, it also means the original product cost is very high, this is the first aspect.
The second aspect, indeed inside the industry, protection of the original product, for the original promotion, promotion, promotion is not enough. Many times consumers ' minds the concept of no original, so naturally it's attention will lower.
Panjie: because I am, after all, to advertise the company, so he knows how to package a brand. Is also a "drum" (furniture), material, color, quality, its costs are not the same. Red, for example, a "drum", we are specifically tailored for it, including inside the material, handle, and more details are all custom, then this "drum" cost is far less than the regular white, Brown "drum" cost is much higher. The prices, we have to consider how do consumers can afford.
Then another point from its cultural value, I'm going to continue to push. I think that the Chinese consumer has two, one is the demand-price mentality, is the pursuit of cheap. Another, some kind of consumer is a consumer brand. Our original, quality of products, materials, very harsh material for our products outdoor products are foreign material standards in China, there is no second home. I have to be fair to my customers, from Design view, I want to do it. BACK PAGE