Three major development trend of Chinese furniture industry: fine scale branding

As the global economy recovers, the continuous improvement of people's living standard, more and more people are concerned about furniture. Over the last 10 years, the Office furniture industry, Ningbo, China experienced a period of rapid development. This time, the development of Ningbo office furniture industry is mainly dominated by quantitative expansion, has established a fairly comprehensive and complete industrial system in line with international standards, has reached the people of Ningbo office furniture needs and the needs of the international market.
5-10 years in the future, in the context of international transfer of office furniture industry in Ningbo, Ningbo, China Office furniture industry will enter a second period of rapid development. Modern technological advances promote Ningbo office furniture production scale, dramatic changes in the cost and price will quickly break the original competition; the introduction of automatic production line must increase investment in fixed assets will reduce labor costs and productivity; mass production and standardization of production possible. In the new stage of industrial development in the Ningbo office furniture industry upgrading will become inevitable.
Faced with fierce competition, China Ningbo office furniture business should chose the path of what sustainable development? This is our industry is extremely concerned about strategic issues. Focused Yu Ningbo office furniture network purchased of head yellow Mr analysis, China Ningbo office furniture industry in future 5-10 years between must experience mass big range of industry integration, large of SMEs will was eliminated, minority excellent enterprise will relies on brand, and quality, and service, and scale, in industry in the stand out, future China Ningbo office furniture industry will towards fine of, and scale, and brand of three a direction development.
Ningbo office furniture industry is the traditional manufacturing industries, the technical requirements are not high, since civil "Carpenter" to economically backward areas still plays a leading role of Ningbo office furniture manufacturing. Many Office furniture business comes from the workshop of Ningbo Ningbo office furniture manufacturing, then gradually expand the scale of additional machinery and equipment. Precisely because of this that way, part of the Office furniture business in Ningbo very extensive in management. Extensive management, led to the specific, operational and execution is not strong, the organization structure and function are not clear, more management levels and management efficiency is very low.
Ningbo office furniture business competition in the details on the competition, the subtleties show Kung Fu. Details affecting the quality and details reflect the tastes and details to show the difference, detail decides success or failure. Details is the value of creativity and uniqueness. In modern society, people pursue higher office furniture market is fastidious fine management in Ningbo, details tend to reflect the professional standards, highlighting the intrinsic qualities and improve product quality.
China Ningbo office furniture industry, we found that the regional agglomeration more obvious at the same time, we also found that the Office furniture industry is still based on small and medium enterprises as the main body, Ningbo, China. Industry concentration is very low, there is not a market share of more than 1%, large office furniture enterprises in Ningbo in China are numbered. This is a double edged sword. Has industry advantages Ningbo office furniture enterprises to take advantage of this good opportunity of development, sailing, riding the wave forward. However, mismanagement and uncompetitive small businesses will face elimination of bad luck.
In recent years, some Office furniture plant, industrial park, Ningbo construction speeds up, with the development, production and introduction of advanced production equipment, mass production of office furniture industry in Ningbo is inevitable. Ningbo office furniture business capacity continues to expand, will inevitably result in a sharp drop in commodity prices; with rising labor costs and lack of Ningbo office furniture industry technicians, then left by the small and medium enterprises profit margins will be getting smaller and smaller, a large number of small and medium enterprises will gradually fade out the market.
Ningbo office furniture consumption concept is made up of consumer consumption to mass consumption and consumer brands Ningbo office furniture era is coming. People's requirement of Ningbo office furniture is not only functional necessity, more decorative aesthetic needs, is quite limited character needs. With the economic development, a fundamental change in people's lives, people of Ningbo office furniture needs in health, environmental protection, development of brand.
As consumer awareness of the Ningbo office furniture products, more consumers will establish consumer brands Ningbo office furniture concepts, focus more on aesthetics and artistic Ningbo office furniture and pay more attention to Ningbo office furniture of high quality and services to enjoy. As competition intensifies, many companies are increasingly focused on packaging, product competition evolved into the brand competition, more and more enterprises through public media advertising. Poor brand image, technical and limited financial strength of companies are increasingly at a disadvantage in the competition.
Beautiful Lele Ningbo office furniture NET call Office furniture business, Ningbo, China must strengthen management, attach importance to improve competitive ability of enterprise strategy, improve enterprise's human resource development and management, and build a good brand of office furniture in Ningbo, and actively respond to imminent fierce competition.

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