Office furniture industry declined appliance mode signal

Marketing transformation and distribution platform in wrestling in the game between the enterprise, Ningbo office furniture industry a massive shuffling of the storm is intensifying. Natural selection, survival of the fittest, which is unchangeable laws of nature. When the market imbalance, will quietly shuffle. Economic Review columnist Che Yanhong said: "the ' shuffle ' is a normal economic operation, says the technology is market competition." As long as the market is open to competition will be the business must face a constant battle. As they say, battle there are no winning General. Every generation has its hero, each leading hundreds of years, and this year he purple red the year after you, it's not "Shuffle" end, but the "Shuffle" is in progress. So, the competition is endless, "Shuffle" will always run through each competition all the time. Shuffle for enterprises, experience all the time, and for a specific time enterprises also hope that shuffling through to the end, when small businesses look for patterns of undecided, found in the spaces to suit your living space; a relatively big companies think through their own efforts, trying to bring about "competing with" pattern. But shuffle cannot be formed in less than a year or two, but a gradual adjustment, the phase-out process. So, after passing through the shuffle, industry will be showing what kind of pattern is the result of every enterprise wants to know.
Refuse to "copy" the pattern of household appliances
Ningbo office furniture industry after the shuffle pattern of household appliances that may not occur more than 10 years ago, more than 30,000 enterprises, shuffle has been live less than 300, survive to 1%. Ningbo office furniture industry need not fear a household appliances shuffle pattern.
The reason there are five major areas:
Channel: "the Governor" and "Mayor" Ningbo office furniture industry separate from the production and sale of home appliances industry, has selected mode of operation, product manufacturers, and dealers selling products, but there is a big difference. Household appliance industry is a provincial agency, Ningbo is a decentralized agency of the Office furniture industry. Structure mode restricts the market differences between big and small. Provincial agency or regional agencies for the home appliance industry to do, also cannot be a substitute for a producer. Ningbo office furniture industry is not the same, if provincial agents a bigger, entirely possible to replace producers and factories. In the Office furniture industry in Ningbo, agents in the early and later built a factory there. While the home appliance industry will not have this happen. Therefore, provincial agents in the Office furniture industry in Ningbo mode it is hard to push, select a city agency, determines the Ningbo office furniture industry needs a large number of manufacturers. Meanwhile, in such an environment also decided not to appear a few firms dominate market share in half of the country's situation.
Technical factors: the "high threshold" and "Lite"
Appliances have a certain technique of gold, is a high threshold of industry, technology of Ningbo office furniture gold is relatively small, is a low-threshold industry. Ningbo office furniture industry as long as channels, funds can be invested in the production without technical bottlenecks, compared to channel funds in the home appliance industry, if there is no technology has failed to do. Even technology can't keep up with not upgrading the speed of development. That is why the home appliance sector to implement a provincial agency, while Ningbo office furniture industry is worried. Don't push the provincial agency, to occupy a larger share of the market, pushing the provincial agency, may have to be replaced. Meanwhile, high technology industries, competition focused on technological upgrading of enterprises, and the larger, more strong financial strength, more obvious advantages, after shuffling, sure to wash away a large number of small businesses. Eventually formed several of the great feudal market situation. But it can't happen in Ningbo office furniture industry, an industry that is not high technology content, is certainly of the last competition, brand and price of services.
Agent: "pyramid" and "plain"
One-on-one agent normally used in the home appliances industry, refused a one to many. Ningbo office furniture industry more choices-many, many-to-many. Appliance makers in a province to find a agent, and agents can only represent them a product to eliminate agent peers. Ningbo office furniture industry is different, possibly in an urban home store has several different dealerships, in addition, dealers agents peer products. Only concentrated agency determines the household appliance industry, will be less so after shuffling the number and diverse selection of Ningbo office furniture industry agents need to source a certain number of enterprises. Therefore, even experienced serious shuffling of the Office furniture industry in Ningbo, there are still a number of enterprise survival.
Size: "elephant" and "child-free"
Ningbo office furniture industry and household appliances comparison, so to speak, Ningbo office furniture industry and home appliances industry is big business, but household electrical appliance industry has big business, Ningbo office furniture industry is not to be big business, because the market share accounted for 1% of the enterprise are not, different household appliances industry, accounting for half of the country's normal. If the household electrical appliance industry large enterprises to elephant, Ningbo office furniture enterprises is the rabbit. Regardless of the industry, are starting from profiteering, and then transformed into profit, and profit management must rely on large-scale production. Us fans a while earn a few Yuan, but production of 3 million units a month, one time fan the products the United States alone, there are nearly a billion yuan of profits. Ningbo office furniture industry is likely to be an exception, is very likely the same as clothing industry, manufacturers, channels, transparency of pricing behavior does not occur.
Circulation platform: "unity" and "separatist"
Appliances industry circulation platform after integration eventually formed has GOME and suning two big pattern, Ningbo office furniture industry is still in disputes of war among, Red Star, and months star, and Ji Cheng Weibang, and actually of home, and Jimei, and Hi full, and Jinsheng, and ouyad, and sixth space, and good Centennial, and East homes, and gold hippocampus, and should be home and so on, appeared merger possibilities is unlikely to, in to "enclosure type" features occupy market of Ningbo office furniture industry, first to for King, this is and appliances industry different. In the home appliance industry, provided at least a into GOME and suning, local stores are facing the threat of being eaten. No uniform distribution platforms, characteristics of Ningbo office furniture industry will certainly continue to exist. Home store will also be contending situation, brand stores have their own living, local stores have their own way.
After the shuffle, the new pattern will have those trends?
Signal: gree model
Relationship between manufacturers and dealers has an interest link, that link strong or not, determine the manufacturer and distributor will go a long way. Typically attached manufacturer and distributor of this interest bond after wind and rain, not enough toughness to connect the relationship between them. "The world's only permanent interests, no eternal friend." This is cruel to say, but most of the time but it is the truth. Business people, should always bear in mind. How permanent interests and many people "win-win" concept. But "win-win" not just support, win-win can't be interpreted as "you made money, I make money." But many business people believe that dealers products to make money, manufacturers maintain normal production is to make money, this is win-win.
In fact, the "win-win" should be based on solid, but also to a certain degree of protection, then what about between the manufacturers and distributors is the true "win-win"? Gree mode is the best description of the home appliance industry. Dealers and manufacturers other than is the relationship between supply and marketing, as well as shareholder relations, manufacturers or distributors holdings, shares of the other party. This "win-win" relationship will be solid and lasting. Stake in foreign manufacturers and distributors share forms have already been adopted by many businesses operating on the local market. Ningbo office furniture manufacturers or home stores and dealers to maintain their "win-win" relationship, gree mode will be a trend in the future.
Market needs only maximize consumer satisfaction enterprise can win the market. So the current built larger home store, tens of thousands of square meters to a hundred thousand of square meters or even hundreds of thousands of square meters of shopping there. Store area, the category is a good thing, but many consumers to the store, around most of the day, people are tired, stores haven't finished shopping, did not know that a product is best? For consumers is a disturbing and unacceptable things. Therefore, Ningbo office furniture store software needs to be upgraded, the best reference is the library and the Xinhua Bookstore, in a space of dozens of books, readers can easily find the one you want. This is where home store need to upgrade, in the same city, the store first, it will attract more consumers. Regardless of the store itself, manufacturer or dealer is a very significant thing. Effect of competition in the market, the most powerful is the service competition. Ningbo service competition in the Office furniture industry is the road we must take, and refinement is an essential part of services.
Signals: corporate relocation
In the business world, not that a product can serve all the people. Howard Johnson brand planning Director, stone said, "Chinese Red" service design's original intention was for the 1.3 billion Chinese people, only to discover later that the idea is good, but can't do it. Because regardless of the product, only certain classes. This is also in the Office furniture industry in Ningbo and can do one or two markets can't do three or four markets, three or four markets do, not one or two markets, one of the important reasons. Orient, companies will have a market. Rolls Royce while only 200 cars a year, but still quite moist. Rolex watch has dominated the market for decades, and positioning. If there is no clear identity, but rather followed the market's hot and cold, not a long-term solution. Ningbo office furniture is the positioning of the child successfully implemented, the sixth space open only for the top few services, also won the "Blue Ocean". Missing location or position does not clear the Office furniture industry in Ningbo, repositioning will be valued in the shuffling process. Industry will continue, in the shuffle during the careful analysis of the reasons and trends, search strategies, you are market winners. BACK PAGE