Substrate induced by price office furniture industry competition

From the dew River Plate prices news, hydro oil and gas continued to raise policy released in the second quarter, Ningbo manufacturing cost price war in the market of the Office furniture business under the thick smoke is still rising. Base price is not news, but the past two years, various wood prices have risen several times. Raw material prices is Ningbo office furniture companies, flooring company has faced problems in recent years. And, with the continued consumption of forest resources, base material prices will gradually rise.
"Wool grows on the sheep's back", for sheet metal after prices, Ningbo office furniture of the issue of whether the price will go up, stores and business secrecy. During the 51 visits, most stores said no manufacturer price increase notification has been received. But at the same time, found a number of well-known Board Ningbo office furniture brand will gradually withdraw their services at 51 sets of inexpensive combination packages. When the Office furniture industry in Ningbo from selling wood to sell cultural transformation in the industry, product prices has become an inevitable trend. Circulated around 3999-bedroom five-piece pamphlet, may soon be history.
Ningbo office furniture price theory, directly affect the Board Ningbo office furniture with solid wood office furniture in Ningbo market battle. Board Ningbo office furniture with stylish and beautiful, low price 70% Ningbo once occupied the Office furniture market. If the Board Ningbo office furniture as spirit evil spirit cat, the Ningbo office furniture is solid wood rustic dog. Lost its price advantage, Ningbo office furniture how to take that plate? The cats and dogs of war will turn things around?
The implementation of "green" and strengthen "custom"
70% market share in National Board Ningbo office furniture, has been racing on the Shanghai market. Shanghai wood complex is referred to as "culprits." From the old Villa of 230, solid wood and Shanghai people have formed a deep bond. In addition, many local consumers that wood Ningbo office furniture more "material" Board Ningbo office furniture of environmental concern.
Ningbo, and real wood office furniture and to addressing the paint smell different, Ningbo office furniture is the core environmental plate plates. E1 grade plate, has been and is a respected green sheet. Almost all the Board Ningbo office furniture brand has put on E1 coat or, even worse, prides itself on using the E0 level sheets. But flood of E1, but failed to rid the Board Ningbo office furniture "environmentally unfriendly" charges. A Ningbo office furniture industry veteran had to say, currently on the market prices of many Board Ningbo office furniture let him "do not understand", according to the current prices of raw materials, he could not imagine how such low prices guarantee the normal operation of the enterprise, including some major brands. Also found in the visit, import plates become instead of E1 environmental process. Ou Desen plate, Germany Agen and other world famous plates favored by the domestic office furniture enterprises in Ningbo. In actual use, the products of the same brand used import plate to make the price higher than domestically produced plate by at least 30%.
In addition to E0 and E1 chipboard, MDF, honeycomb panel is a new bright spot in the green sheet. Wang wenbo I&D ideal space, honeycomb panels due to the effects of humidity, structural stability. Product detection still E1 standards a few months later. He said: Ningbo office furniture at the factory for about three months, the smell is released at peak levels, real environmental protection products must pass inspection at any time. "Green money" and "10,000 Ningbo office furniture inexpensive plate" was previously the senior members of the another view.
"To provide customers with personalized custom service" is interviewed Deputy General Manager of the Ningbo office furniture maihe Dong Wenlong and Vima office furniture Ma Baolin, General Manager of Ningbo, two views of. Coincide with the "custom service" is also a plate of Ningbo office furniture themselves. Ningbo compared to solid wood office furniture, Board Ningbo office furniture by providing consumers with customization services, fully meet the small apartment owner's functional requirements and large owner's individual requirements. The transition from manufacturing to services, are another killer plate of Ningbo office furniture.
Colors dull stiff style solid wood office furniture in Ningbo permanent pain?
Solid wood office furniture in Ningbo in favor of a certain degree of local consumers, the elders for the newly married couple when selecting Office furniture in Ningbo, Ningbo, also focused on solid wood office furniture. Board Ningbo office furniture than "weightless" plates, Ningbo office furniture is solid wood materials. Ningbo, Shanghai market on solid wood office furniture wood species with clear, market supervision and powerful. Among 166 under wood things, alias and commonly known as the wood of the callout is not allowed. And together with the origin be clearly marked on signs in the commodity. Enabling consumers to purchase more safe and reliable.
However wood Ningbo office furniture styles and colors too moderate, does not meet the aesthetic orientation of young people, became its criticism to gain more market share. 51 Eve visited Ningbo business solid wood office furniture stores, with pine and ash as a representative of trends in light wood in Ningbo office furniture has increased, there are new directions in solid wood office furniture in Ningbo. Meanwhile, children in Ningbo area see wood office furniture combines styles are flattering. Ningbo parents favor solid wood office furniture and children's tendency to look fun type of psychological characteristics of Ningbo office furniture, some well-known child Ningbo office furniture in solid wood, carving, handles details such as place, plates, set product is durable, beautiful detail. Light coloured wood and wood combined with the use of technology, as color dull stiff style solid wood office furniture market in Ningbo blew bursts of wind. BACK PAGE