How to grasp the new growth point of furniture, paint?

An economic downturn this year, Ningbo office furniture industry have a great impact. Ningbo office furniture painted in the upper reaches has been greatly affected. Ningbo Office Furniture paint factory shut closed, Ningbo office furniture dealer sales fell ill. "The environment is not good, sales are down to normal. What means do we have? "Maybe someone said so. However, not all manufacturers are so. Manufacturers have market growth performance in red. Why face the same market environment, there is fire and ice situation two days? The following analysis may reveal some of the reasons.
Main application area of wood coatings
According to the existing general view, wood coatings in China mainly used in two areas, one is the used Office furniture factory in Ningbo, the second is used for interior decoration, namely Ningbo Office Furniture paint and paint home improvement. According to the use of wood products in different places, can be divided into the following types.
Wooden main application area of Ningbo office furniture Wood coatings, dominated by factory production applications, is the arena of high-end wood coating production factory.
Interior decorators brush by hand as the main construction method in the market occupies a significant proportion of sales, is the competition of middle and low coating production factory sites.
Wood flooring is factory-production of wood flooring Wood coatings applications in the future, at present mainly in UV-curing coatings.
Wooden toys in an opaque finish, no more is the main quality indicators of their heavy metal content.
Pencil finishing of special wood coatings of paint is a type of opaque, in addition to calling for quick-drying outside, heavy metal cannot be exceeded.
Outdoor wood products is mainly used for parks, swimming pools, beach and other places using chairs and other wooden products, its request is a certain degree of weathering.
Home Office furniture factory-Ningbo paint the first new point
With the deepening of mechanization, as well as meeting environmental requirements, on-site construction home wood has been gradually finding their way into the factory, home improvement home improvement is the direct result of factory wood from the scene back to the factory and office furniture market in Ningbo, Ningbo Office Furniture paint ushered in the first point.
Home factory representative of industry is wood doors, cabinets and flooring. Wood doors, cabinets, floor three large paint consumption and rise in the late 90 's, with the development of China's real estate boom, the floor has become a huge industry. Wooden doors and cabinets are also grew, with the further advance of standardization, wood doors, cabinets will realize leap-forward development. Paint wood doors, cabinets as well as floor paints, form a special category, Ningbo Office Furniture paint an important growth point.
According to incomplete statistics, China cabinets, large and small businesses has hundreds of thousands of homes, industrial system including hundreds of thousands of cabinet shop, covering all of the country's capital city, second-tier cities as well as over 90% County market. The industry's first European annual sales of more than 1 billion yuan. In the top in the industry, annual sales of 6 billion yuan. 50 million to 80 million of the 8. Statistics show that over 100 million urban households in the whole Cabinet has a rate of 70%, the total market is so vast, according to online information, in 2009 China kitchen cabinet market will reach 30 billion yuan. According to online information, in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, solid wood kitchen cabinet's market share increased from 5% 3 years ago to the present 30%. Cabinets cake of big, mean Cabinet paint market growth. Wooden doors, current national, large and small enterprises is about more than 10,000 companies, have a certain size, to mechanized production of more than more than 3,000 wood door manufacturers. According to the industry body's initial estimate, annual output value between 100.03 billion yuan, accounting for about 40%; 30 million-50 million Yuan about 30%; 5.0001 trillion about 30%; billion yuan output value of more than 30 per cent.
Wood doors, cabinets, flooring is a pioneer in home improvement factory. At present on the basis of overall household concept has been formed. Indoor full set of office furniture in Ningbo (Ningbo office furniture concepts) all moved into the factory. Home improvement factory gave birth to a wide range of growth, market demand is gradually expanding, new market segments will also appear.
Paint for exterior wall decoration factory Ningbo office furniture of second growth
Decoration factory is an efficient and environmentally-friendly trend in modern civilization. Following the indoor after decoration of wood office furniture factory in Ningbo, wall decoration factory, and worthy of attention. Decorative plate for exterior wall material is primarily gypsum board, cement board, and the other wood, seashells, yakeli, material wealth. Ningbo, compared to traditional office furniture, paint and paint wood doors, cabinets, paints, decorative plate for exterior wall paint now Ningbo Office Furniture paint mode of operation, the exterior paint products. In terms of product selection, face paint is to choose exterior paint products, such as fluoro-carbon coating. Outdoor product needs to have strong weatherability, repair and self-cleaning capacity. Wall decoration factory, on the efficiency, effectiveness and construction, there is a huge upgrade. Silver arranged more evenly. Under the operation and professional space, cleanliness of the Panel than on-site construction will be a lot better.
Wall decoration market is huge. No need to repeat them. Exterior wall paint shifted from field to factory, means that paint sales, sales method of transformation. From engineering to the factory, is an engineering major shift in the paint to Ningbo Office Furniture paint. This is more familiar with Office furniture factory Ningbo paint enterprise, no doubt is a very good chance.
Ningbo office furniture factory on new requirements for paint
Who was the first to enter the market, who will most likely become an expert in the industry. Promising new growth market, brings huge market demand even more attractive. But new sources of growth to Office furniture in Ningbo paint enterprise puts forward new requirements.
First of all products. Ningbo an important feature of office furniture, paint is highly specialized. Characteristics of Ningbo office furniture factory is specialized. Doors, wood cabinets, wall decoration board factory Ningbo office furniture as a chance to paint, and because of this. Decorative plate for exterior wall the particularities of the product speaks for itself. Material is drywall, cement board is different from traditional Ningbo office furniture special materials, products also requires a better weathering resistance, repair and self-cleaning. Wooden doors and cabinets have many similarities, but because different uses, requirements for paint are also different. Wooden doors also required a certain degree of weathering, and more emphasis on wearability. Cabinet has special requirements for waterproof, resistant to hot. In addition, also have different requirements in the decorative effect. Wooden door with Matt as much, while the Cabinet light, decorative plate for exterior wall is imitation metal curtain wall. Industrial products, competition, speed will also speed up the upgrade. Therefore, products supporting the need for Ningbo office furniture manufacturer with a strong professional development efforts, providing products to meet different requirements.
Second process development. First, under conditions of mechanization technology. Under factory conditions, a large number of machines instead of manual operation. This requires Office furniture manufacturer in Ningbo construction than the customers become more familiar with the paint spray equipment, familiar with the customer's production line, process, product requirements, suitable for your production environment, and given the necessary training. Secondly, still fierce competition from factory and brand competition. Paint is the product of "face", and is an important part of selling. This requires the Office furniture manufacturer in Ningbo has good ability to develop new technology, help customers to develop new technology, increase customer value added and competitiveness of their products. Finally is the efficiency of the process design. Time is money, and the cost is profit. Process design and development also set out to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. Paint cabinets, Fu-Chen old PU technology and technical services staff of the company: PU +PU solid +PU solid surface at the end of the end of closed +PU light + polishing top finish is upgraded to +UV PU solid color primer coating, face the same effect, and the shipping cycle is greatly reduced, improving production efficiency.
Third is the sales model. Changes in sales because the sales object changes. Ningbo beyond office furniture decorative plates, for example. Construction, engineering party a or party b is sold. After the factory, Ningbo office furniture sales objects from the project into the factory, is a materials manufacturer. Objects, object focus has also undergone great change. Site construction construction tolerance of the product. Plants in the case of equipment and environment are very professional, and tolerance are not a problem. Ningbo office furniture in addition, in engineering is a one-off and short-term. Factory objects are relatively long-term partner. Ningbo office furniture brand reputation and technical services in the industrial period even more important.
Market is changing. New growth means new opportunities. Ningbo office furniture to a philosophical saying "the world is full of beauty, but the lack of beautiful eyes", we can say "no lack of opportunity to make money in the market, but the lack of opportunities in the eye. "In the complex in the ups and downs of the market, Ningbo office furniture where your new growth point of enterprises? You all set? BACK PAGE