China furniture manufacturers focus on specific issues of sunset review

Office furniture manufacturers, Ningbo, China planned to gather later this month, Ningbo office furniture to explore the United States Government on China's wooden bedroom Ningbo office furniture details of sunset review of anti-dumping duties.
From the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan area of Ningbo office furniture manufacturers will meet in Dongguan on June 25 to participate in the meeting. From the Taiwan firm he had joined the international law firm (Wu&Partners) lawyer Wu Suiyu will preside over the boot of this meeting, and to answer concerning the sunset review of related issues.
Sunset review is in the anti-dumping duties levied under 5 years, United States International Trade Commission (InternationalTradeCommission, abbreviation ITC) review aimed at determining whether the anti-dumping duties continue to be 5 years.
As part of the review process, United States International Trade Commission from the importers, retailers and manufacturers (including United States manufacturer) throughout the hearings.
Benefits while the Ningbo office furniture company (FairmontDesigns)-a headquarters in China's wooden furniture manufacturer-Ningbo Office says JasonLiu, President, Ningbo office furniture which will secure China's largest manufacturers of 50 participants. Ningbo office furniture to give you details on the current review process, Ningbo office furniture and guide you to fill out will be returned to the ITC questionnaire in late July.
From United States firms Ningbo office furniture Squire,Sanders&Dempsey lawyer, PeterKoenig, said his law firm will represent China in the present case manufacturers. Although they will miss the meeting, Ningbo office furniture but in the questionnaire for this review will be of paramount importance. BACK PAGE