Solid wood cabinets have a standard country wood furniture has been doing a strict definition

In recent years, wooden cabinets for its delicate, green quickly occupied the market, won the favor of consumers. However, with increased sales of solid wood cabinets, related complaints more and more complaints will focus their attention on "solid wood cabinet is not solid."
Office in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province furniture Association President Jiang Hongyuan introduced, in fact, Ningbo, solid wood office furniture concept has not been very clear until May 1, 2009, when a new edition of the General technical specifications for wood office furniture in Ningbo after the standard implementation of, the State strictly clarified the confusing "solid wood office furniture in Ningbo" and "Ningbo comprehensive wood office furniture" concept. For solid wood referred to certain Ningbo office furniture sales content at 20%, 60% or any other proportion, can be called Ningbo office furniture solid wood, not mentioned in the standard.
According to the new provisions of the general specifications for wood office furniture in Ningbo, solid wood office furniture in Ningbo based on solid wood materials and process into the whole wood Ningbo office furniture, solid wood solid wood veneer office furniture and office furniture in Ningbo, Ningbo. Full wood Ningbo office furniture refers to all wood quality parts (mirror supporting Board and layering except) are used wood saw material or wood plate making; wood Ningbo office furniture, that base material used wood saw material or wood plate making, surface no covered surface processing of Ningbo office furniture; wood veneer Ningbo office furniture, that base material used wood saw material or wood plate making, and in surface covered posted wood single board or thin wood (wood skin) of Ningbo office furniture.
Jiang Hongyuan said dealers "with a plate-wood office furniture in Ningbo", not "solid wood office furniture in Ningbo", but the new standards set forth in the "Ningbo comprehensive wood office furniture." And many manufacturers also is using concept in the of provides, in market sales process in the put this integrated class Ningbo office furniture often are called wood Ningbo office furniture, but, even they claiming to be wood can accounted for to 60%, and 70%, are cannot was called wood Ningbo office furniture: "GB in the according to base material materials, will Panel class Ningbo office furniture is divided into fibreboard Ningbo office furniture, and Particleboard Ningbo office furniture, and fine woodworking Board Ningbo office furniture, and multilayer plywood Ningbo office furniture. If the substrate using solid wood, plywood and other materials made Office furniture in Ningbo, Ningbo, can only be described as synthetic wood office furniture. "
In Hangzhou, a brand of solid wood cabinets sale Manager Raymond Lam said that solid wood cabinets currently marketing concept is more chaotic, like a furniture market in Hangzhou, has been divided into market layout, floor is called "solid wood office furniture in Ningbo area", but the other floors there are many vendors claiming to sell solid wood cabinets. In fact, even in the four-floor solid wood office furniture in Ningbo area, there are also business sales is not real solid wood products.
Raymond Lam explains that do exist established within the industry, generally considered wood at 70%, for instance, should belong to the solid wood cabinets, drawer floor, back and other supporting materials, can be replaced by other plates. "For the consumer, they have basically accepted this contention, such as buying 70% are solid wood cabinets, psychologically feel that consumers buy are solid wood cabinets. "
Solid wood is popular, mainly because of its environmental and health performance. However, many consumers some misunderstanding on the concept of environmental protection: the synthetic type of cabinetry will certainly not environmentally friendly. Industry insiders said, whether the cabinets from Cabinet materials and paints two aspects of environmental protection. If excessive levels of formaldehyde, and certainly not environmentally friendly. At present, Ningbo office furniture manufacturing materials are uniform standards, as long as these materials meet the State standards, whether it is solid wood cabinets or synthetic wood cabinets, cabinets can be called environmental protection. BACK PAGE