Furniture brands and consumers both attack-fake the strong wind

Over the weekend, Miss Sun Taobao, a self-proclaimed "living museum" to see a set of children's furniture is cheaper than store 20%, consumption a handful shots.
Meet good thought coy to discover later, net purchases back this children's furniture may look and stores of the same, but dead ends of rough, poor quality, feels uncomfortable, after experts knew that the furniture was fake, not real wood. Miss Sun more surprised is that the delivery to her online shop is the home of fraudulent use of the name, in fact, its address is in the suburbs, except for a few broken warehouse and a factory, there's nothing.
To do this, press search on the Internet found that nice home stores and brands have become many "shanzhai" objects, in addition to homes, Red Star meikai Dragon, outside the city, lights and other stores were fake, and these stores are not yet opened Internet sales business. In addition, there is the Mona Lisa baths, Marco Polo ceramic tiles and other household brands has also been the same situation.
Number of stores and brands found in "shanzhai" shop
Recently, the House official micro-blog's announcement, saying that "recently, we found that individual unscrupulous merchants on the network, and shop in the name used for sales activities, our official statement e-commerce business is not yet on-line, all network outlets are used, consumers do not listen to him, beware of fraud. "
Subsequently, the reporter in Taobao to "House" as a keyword search, there are "Beijing Jia Shi Li River branch", "the House online outlet store", "shop", "home shop" name or the shopkeeper with "House" words over dozens of homes.
Then press the search "bathroom of the Mona Lisa", there are "Monalisa sanitary city", "Mona Lisa bathroom store", "bathroom living museum of the Mona Lisa", "Mona Lisa boutique shop-bathroom" with dozens of online stores with the word Mona Lisa.
When a reporter calls its brand when asked, officials say they only official online shop.
Pseudo-buy brands and products not authorized harm consumer
Journalist click here to enter to "Monalisa sanitary ware shop" shop, the shop's entrance with the "Mona Lisa" portrait of identity, the sale of goods to toilet-oriented series, priced between 300 to 700 Yuan, compared with the real stores a single product, low prices.
IKEA, Red Star meikai long, outside the city and Marco Polo ceramic tiles and sanitary ware store of the Mona Lisa practices the same.
Reporters found in the store, their relatively simple products, such as "Marco Polo the whole bathroom" shop only toilet, ceramic pots, MOP pools, taps and other categories of products, each product number are limited. Genuine product variety in the store, you can choose the brand up to dozens of different.
In addition, many village shops also organize group activities. As early as last year, United States Paragon water purification equipment company issued a "solemn declaration", saying that "does not authorize any dealer in online sales in China, including purchasing, buying behavior, note whether the three products of secondary recycling or phishing. "For products purchased online, the company" does not provide any installation and after-sales service. "
Meanwhile, Gao Mingying sanitary ware co, Foshan City also issued a statement, saying "currently on the net that queries into online sales Emperor bath products are fake, without authorization."
Similarly, consumers miss yan in a cottage paint site, bought five barrels of Dulux Li an net wall paint series, price is a lot lower than the large building materials supermarket, decoration workers open cover, "seemed a bit thin on the other". Chen Qian then call the Dulux customer service departments, according to manufacturers, orders to fill out the store name on the shop customer who tells her in Beijing without the authorization store.
Expert: release
"Shanzhai" concept is not new for us, because a variety of designer clothes and bags are most often "Cottage", since the "high copy version" online shopping platform high degree of simulation, what about how to avoid being fooled?
A professional home electric business website head told reporter, many cottage of brand shop in sale of products General has really has fake mixed miscellaneous with sold, some high imitation products do of is really, brand of professionals also to took back manufacturers to identification, but if the products formal shop in sale fake 8 Yuan, cottage shop in only sale 2 Yuan, such of price poor out many, so the products is high imitation of possibilities on great.
Po e-commerce director Wang Lei told reporters that this cottage shop on the Internet there are a large number of, they also had their communication before, but failed to solve, Wang Lei described the current situation is "wildfires burn, they are tall once more in the spring wind". Future section of this phenomenon on every treasure in the treasure of products labeled security code, consumers can call to verify the authenticity of a product.
Xinhua learned from the Chinese consumers ' Association lawyer Qiu Baochang, head of Department, shop near the brands famous chain home stores or brand, violations of these stores and brand name rights and trademark rights, and suspected of unfair competition, especially for the consumer would constitute commercial fraud. Qiu Baochang recommended brand business of the publicity, and links to related sites disconnected cottage shop, in order to ensure the interests of consumers.
Addition, experts also recommends consumers in network purchased furniture Shi don't too hasty, more left a heart, first need full understand sales businesses; second for online commodity of many description to more understand, ensure its authenticity; while in Xia orders zhiqian, to figure out after-sales service situation, like installation situation, and warranty situation,, if has conditions words, best to entity shop personally experience Hou again do decided.
In addition, when in doubt, should call the enterprise customer service queries call or enter the enterprise's official website, and communication with related departments, using the weapon of the law to ensure that their legitimate rights and interests. BACK PAGE