After-sales service

Ningbo huasheng office furniture factory will make unremitting efforts to return your trust and support--to provide you with comfortable, complete and efficient office environment; you create inspiration and individuality of the living space--this is our pursuit and responsibility. Perfect customer service center offers a full range of services for clients after sale database handle customer complaints, adjust and resolve work problems. All Washington Office furniture products sold are entitled to one free one-year warranty and lifelong maintenance services, huasheng office furniture for their confidence in the product and customer assurance. 1, service objects in huasheng office furniture purchase users can enjoy the huasheng office furniture services (to produce proof of purchase and sales contracts and warranty certificate).
2. service hours: Monday to Friday (excluding national holidays), 08:00-17:00.
3. Terms of service
① Returns returns of service purchases on the spot: when you receive the purchased goods in accordance with the delivery note inspection on the spot, found product defects, dirty, model, quantity does not match the request for return, we will be in new goods free delivered to your Office the next day. If you check when no objections, we will no longer be committed as product shortages, dirty/model number or return obligations that are inconsistent with the order. Cannot return the following conditions:
(1) the client's responsibility, appearance and packaging of goods, accessories and properties damaged goods;
(2) make a request and replaced the goods into other products;
(3) promotional gifts cannot be exchanged;
(4) the customer is unable to provide original proof of purchase (invoice);
(5) foreign clients are not within the scope of services
② maintenance services to purchase huasheng office furniture products within one year of the date. Hua Sheng office furniture, furniture parts and manufacturing issues offers free repair and replacement services. Non-accident, abuse, misuse or abuse, under normal conditions of use if there is any damage, huasheng office furniture are available timely and appropriate remedial measures, and to make your legitimate rights be guaranteed.
Not applicable provisions:
(1) damage caused by irresistible natural factors: such as damage caused by typhoons, floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters
(2) due to different production batches due to wood, fabric, leather, texture, color, texture and slight differences in
(3) non-Washington Office furniture company transport, damage caused by installation
(4) original products moved over the same city