How to choose Office furniture (a)

1, how to choose Office furniture materials
Various Office furniture, exterior materials are different. Such as the legs of tables, chairs, cabinets, hardwood, comparable to solid, weight-bearing, and other information materials are available; the thickness 25MM, is too thick it is stupid, thin flexible deformation bathroom cabinets not boards done (easily), but should use moisture-proof plate
Found wood poles, foam, stated drying is not complete. After checking the appearance, and opened the cabinet door, drawer door look inside materials have decayed, can pinch the pinch with fingernails, pinched into the States fell into decay. Open door smell a smell, if Red noses, garish, tears, and clarify formaldehyde adhesive is too high, be harmful to the human body.
2, how to choose Office furniture plates
Office furniture with water should not exceed 12%, high moisture, wood easily deformed. Touch paint on the underside of the furniture or there is no central, if they think that damp, moisture at least 50% above, cannot be used. Another method is to go to the wood didn't paint with a little water, if spread slow or spread, clarify the high water content.
3 How to choose Office furniture construction
Small pieces of furniture, such as chairs, choose to drag and drag on the cement floor, quietly fall fall, loud, stated better quality; sounds dumb, had split hides the murmur, elaborate mortise separation does not close, constructed not in prison.
Desk, table, swing swing with his hands to see stable instability. Sofa sitting down, if sitting on a creaking twist, shake shake, a nail, use for any length of time.
4, how to choose Office furniture four feet can flat
On this ground we know, some furniture landing on three legs. See desktop can be straight, not bow back or fallen back. Desktop bump be tossed on a glass plate; desktop recessed, put pressure on the broken glass. Pay attention to check doors, drawer joints should not be too large, elegant horizontal straight kind not sagging.