Furniture in the bathroom the size of common sense

1.   The appliance you want to take up much room in the bathroom?
The General area of the toilet: 37 cm x60 cm
Hanging or cylindrical basin may occupy an area: 70 cm x60 cm
Square shower area: 80 cm x80 cm
Bath size: 160 cm x x70 cm
2. Bathtub and how far is the distance between the opposite wall?
100 cm. Wanted around, this is a reasonable distance. Even if the bathroom is narrow, to allow breathing space in the tub it is installed. All in all bathtubs and other wall surfaces or items must have a minimum distance of 60 cm.
3. To install a sink, and easy to use, the space required is much?
90 cm x x105 cm. The dimensions for medium-sized lavatory, and can accommodate another person in the next wash.
4. How much distance between two hand washing ware should be set aside?
20 cm. This distance included between toilet and sink, or distance between ware and walls.
5. Placed between the tub and toilet should be kept more distance? 60 cm.
This is the minimum distance between, so one can put the tub and toilet to the bathroom should be at least 180 cm wide.
6. To want to side wall is installed in the next bath, should be at least the width of the toilet? 180 cm. This distance is very suitable for the traditional bathtubs. If the bathroom is quite narrow, consider installing a small tub with seat.
7. How high the mirror should be installed? 135 cm.
This height allows the mirror directly at the man's face.