Mahogany furniture, to carry out proper maintenance matters

1, to prevent direct sunlight
Autumn sunshine without summer hit, but for a long time the Sun plus the already dry climate, wood is too boring, part easy to crack and fade.
2, the prevention of wet
Wooden furniture should not be placed in the middle of very humid, so as to avoid wood shrink when wet, long prone to decay, and pulled open the drawer.
3, nourishes
Wood business furniture of nourish cannot by water to provides, that is cannot light with wet of rag simple to wipe, but should selection professional of furniture nursing fine oil, it contains easy was wood quality fiber absorption of natural orange oil, can lock live wood quality in the of water, avoid wood quality cracked deformation, while nourish wood quality, by in to outside makes wood quality furniture replay glory, extended furniture of using life.
4, prevent the hard scratch
Do not allow cleaning tools touch furniture when cleaning. Usually have to pay attention, do not let the hard metal products, furniture or other weapon collision, to preserve their looks don't render traces of bruising, and gut, and so on.
5, to avoid dust
General use mahogany, teak, oak, Hickory and other comparable to high-end furniture manufacturing has finely carved decoration, if not regularly cleaned ash, small cracks in the easy ash affect the appearance, while dust is a must for wooden furniture quickly "getting old" killer.
6, regular stop home for
In normal circumstances, only candle per quarter, so the furniture looks shiny and looks not vacuuming, cleaning up easier.
About how to remove the existing small stains on the furniture, there are a few tips. To hide scratches and dents, a simpler way is to use a cotton ball or brush, shoe polish of a similar colour in furniture appearance. To remove water stains can be laid clean absorbent paper on the WPA, with heated iron weight on it, you can also use oil, toothpaste, paint, then wiped clean, the furniture wax.