Decoration of the room how to remove furniture odor

Note: the renovated room is not available immediately, and try to ventilation, but can not open all the doors and Windows and ventilation, because this may give adverse has just completed the construction of the wall paint, top fast-drying, easy to crack and destroy beauty.
1, container full of cold water, then add vinegar in a ventilated room, furniture and opened the door. This can amount of evaporated moisture protection wall the top paint surface and absorption to eliminate residual odors;
2, buy some pineapple on each room, large room can I have some more. Pineapple fiber fruits, can afford to absorb the smell of paint but also to disseminate the pineapple's delicate flavor, the pace of the removal of odors, have the best of both worlds effect;
3, in room items such as orange peel, lemon peel, is also a very effective way, but their work will not be swift;
4, to quickly remove residual paint available citric acid-soaked cotton ball, hanging in the Interior and furniture;
5, two pots, indoor water, paint will soon be eliminated. If it's wood furniture exudes the smell of paint, can be scrubbed with tea several times, paint also heals faster;
6 na, just renovated houses often have days of acrid chemical smells, such as water, only broke through the belly of a jackfruit (like the tropical fruit durian, but not durians Ah! Durians can be bad!) in the House, due to the large jackfruit individuals (usually the size of watermelons), smell very strong, you will be within a few days to absorb the odors;
7, went to the market to pick up some high-tech detergent, it can get rid of the newly renovated rooms, new furniture, emit harmful gases. According to the source, these cleaners are generally imported products use ammonia compounds react with harmful substances, which played a role in removing clean. In a newly renovated room, removing detergent is poured into the Pan, will be placed in each room, combined with the scrubbing method, can effectively remove bad smell after a few days in a row;