Home Feng Shui items using taboo

Feng Shui items properly can adjust home magnetic field, such as evil. If improper use also be counterproductive, Yuan Chongte wrote this article to give some common Feng Shui goods matters needing attention. Hope that friends can pay attention.
One. Landscape water not to flow
Water represents wealth and equipment when painting the living room, you must pay attention to the direction of water flow in the picture not to toward the door, outside the House, and the best is the master bedroom, the direction of water flow inside the House. And especially not to place bedroom "full steam ahead", "fierce tiger next mountain" paintings, or easy to harm the relationship.
II. Feng Shui swords not sharp
Many types of Feng Shui, such as seven-star swords, peach blossom sword or sword made of other materials, main function is used to control the outside corner, poles of the envelope as well as case of breath. It should be noted that Feng Shui does not need to open the front, we can even say that, not sharp, because the sharp sword sharp, easily hurt, blunt sword can be harmless, but can still be Yin soul.
Third, Bagua mirror is not making rush others
Mirror features common and powerful evil spirit, walking in the streets of, it is easy to Bagua mirrors on the walls can be found hanging from the roof. Hung Ba Gua mirror to pay attention to three points: 1, 12 o'clock noon suspension; 2, Medallion; 3, reflects the direction of housing not into others, turning their home may not be someone home.