Some considerations for when you use wood furniture

First of all, to meet the wood furniture in the home, home environment must be clean, completely eliminating termite tracks, especially in moving into second-hand cleaning work more closely in front of the House. When the new furniture after the positioning, wipe again with a dry or damp cloth. New furniture at the factory, has already done all the protective measures, such as painting process, so there is no need for new furniture, oiled or waxed.
When you use after a period of time, it is recommended that maintenance work every 2 months. In General, the skin care products such as Pearl Bailey is a good choice for wood furniture care products. Method is used, wipe again with a dry cloth, and then sprayed with Pearl Bailey, and then wipe with a dry cloth.
Some lacquer wood furniture surfaces (smooth paint, glass paint), after long-term use, surface cracking, so regular cleaning and maintenance work may be not too lazy. In addition, if the poor of wood drying process, will result in future furniture injury situation. For example: wood moisture content is too high humidity, then furniture deformation is very high; if it is too dry, it is prone to cracking.
Remind you that due to the furniture itself has the function of automatic adjustment of humidity, so I do not recommend regular dehumidification, dehumidifier once a month usually. But if the neighborhood belongs to humid areas, then dehumidifier interval and frequency should be increased, so as to avoid moldy furniture. To remind consumers, "southerly days, is to dehumidify the days." This means that the summer rain, relative humidity is also high, so must be constant dehumidification.