Walnut oil conservation mahogany furniture

Mahogany furniture because of its beautiful appearance and high collectible value and consumers of all ages. Rosewood furniture conservation was exquisite, curing agent of choice is the walnut oil.
"Because traditional mahogany high quality, technology exquisite, mainly wax surface coatings and natural lacquer, so you should use natural oils-the walnut oil and maintenance. "Jimei Home World Tower, Beijing told reporters Qian Zhigang, head of mahogany furniture, walnut oil is a very good conservation agent, made from Walnut Kernel processing, with a touch of fragrance. Because it does not contain chemical ingredients, belongs to the natural environment-friendly oils, and it is a drying oil, apply it on the hardwood furniture after drying forms a protective film can reduce the intrusion of moisture in the atmosphere and prevent chapped in the furniture.
Used walnut oil conservation season best in early spring and early fall seasons, because easy to sweat on the furniture surface trace, especially tables and chairs are vulnerable to wear and dry winters and more dust, easy to form dirt. Using moistened with walnut oil cloth to wipe the furniture surface must be moderate, rub oil too much wood to absorb, stays on the surface not gummed up with dust absorbed oil.
In addition, when you clean the surface of the furniture, it is best to use a feather duster or soft texture brushes clear away dust on the surface of the furniture, and then wipe clean with a dry cloth. Do not use a wet cloth, because moisture in the wet cloth and sand-lime mixture in the air can create particles, rubbing, easy to wear and furniture surfaces. Rosewood furniture had stains on the surface can be dipped in a small amount of water or oily cleansers to clean. Not use chemical brighteners, so as not to damage film sticky. In addition, mahogany furniture, indoor humidity is very high, too dry when you put a fish tank or using a humidifier in the room, to open the dehumidification when the air is humid in summer.
Money also remind you, buy mahogany furniture best grasp "where selected real estate" principle, namely in the North in the North, for use in selected South, because according to the different air humidity, material drying degree there will be differences, appear under different humidity using expansion or contraction of, easy to damage the furniture.