Purchase and maintenance of antique furniture

Antique furniture materials can be divided into "Cork" and "hardwood" categories. Higher hardwood densities, relatively fine texture, quality is also heavier, so the hardwood more expensive than Cork. Rosewood, PEAR price is very expensive. Cork wood, beech, Elm, cedar, Catalpa wood, FIR, white, wood, etc.

Antique furniture value mainly in "age, material, rarity, completeness, and style of good appearance" as the main basis. Hardwood zitan, huanghuali furniture can sell for sky-high prices. Antique furniture enthusiasts who consider zitan, huanghuali furniture styles, introduction to and selection of soft wood furniture.
Small processing to clean up clean up, antique furniture has been renewed the necessary process, processing level of precision can be seen from the following: pick up the reorganization of the Drawer bottom, polished detail, painting an average full, cabinets, wood is back pixiabu are intact and so on, are all areas in need of attention.
A, waterproof and dry
For example whether it was hot or cold cups are padded cloth, wipe away water stains immediately, usually as long as the normal use, need not worry. Use the heated drying room in the winter, it is best to use a humidifier, so that the furniture shack.
B, often wax cleaner
Whether it be hardwood or Cork are necessary to direct exposure to sunshine or wipe with a damp cloth. Due to long-term exposure to the Sun can cause wood cracking and fading phenomenon, is easily stained and wet cloth surface wear caused by dust on the antique furniture and even carved rub off, it would be a pity!