Office furniture daily nursing home

Wooden furniture and maintenance
Furniture made of natural wood, its greatest strength lies in natural wood, with varied natural colors. Because the natural wood is constantly breathing organisms, and therefore must be placed in appropriate environments of temperature and humidity, while avoiding beverages, chemicals or overheating objects placed on the surface to avoid damaging the wood surface of the natural splendor. If melamine material, when dirt is large, you can use diluted neutral detergent combined with warm water to wipe once again with clean water, wipe, remembers with a soft dry cloth to wipe off the residue from the water stains, after a full wipe and use maintenance wax Polish, even when done. Only face routine cleaning and maintenance to make furniture is timeless.
Leather furniture maintenance
Leather has a good resistance to heat, humidity and ventilation features, plus leather natural thread less directional, whether flat, the scalability of the hanging showed average; in addition, leather dyeing not fade, and has a high luster, excellent tactile and bright appearance, has been well received by consumers love. How to maintain leather products moving appearance? Daily cleaning is the hub. General maintenance only must using clean soft of cloth gently wipe can, if to cleanup long-term using produced of dirt, most ideal of way for: first, please using warm water diluted of neutral clean agent (1%-3%) first wipe, again to twist dry of water wipe to clean liquid, last again to dry cloth Polish, stay full dry Hou using amount of leather maintenance agent average wipe can.
Cloth furniture and maintenance
Most often used in chairs and sofa fabric, texture and rich color of its quiet, traditional furniture look more diverse. Common maintenance methods: when stained with dirt, sand or other dry dirt, as long as Pat or vacuum clean can, a grain of sand, you can brush handy to brush, however, you cannot use a stiff brush, so as not to hurt oil on canvas. If filled with drinks, fruit juice can with paper towels towels absorb water, and then wipe neutral detergent dissolved in warm water, and then dry with a clean soft cloth, and end with low temperature drying.

Solid and durable steel office furniture is the most common, especially products such as lateral files, tools are indispensable to the Office of admission. Steel public sector on the outside, its maintenance use a soft cloth, but avoid using rough, organic solvents (such as turpentine, decontamination oil) or wet cloth to wipe, which are the main causes of injuries, rust.