Hotel furniture leather bed maintenance

hotel furniture, skin care-skin placed don't often move, energy use will not cause damage to the leather bed mattress shape border, to cause the mattress shape. Where placement of no choice in direct sunlight, faded cortex of cortex of long rays of the Sun can cause serious, so as to shorten the service life of the leather bed. When cleaning, you can use the feather duster to sweep the dust. Necessary to keep the skin clean, to avoid ink or nail polish and other bad fresh stains on the skin, while avoiding a sharp object scratched leather, best not to smoke in bed, cigarette-easily spoil the leather. Regularly clean the leather bed is best quarter. Cleaning liquid when not on the skin with water, use absorbent strong rag or paper towel pad clean and then dry them with fans blowing in a, do not not hot air. If the skin appears holes, sharp instruments scratched, burnt out in leather and don't own to mend the best professionals to deal with. There are in the market to buy leather bed cleaning fluid, cleaning liquid is corrosive it is best not used frequently with a certain paint leather off easily. If skin odor is, you can put some grapefruit skins or charcoal in the bed, you can also place a peeled pineapple cut in on the bedside table after about a week the smell from leather bed will be absorbed. Of course, the quickest way is to keep it ventilated, odor will quickly evaporate.