Furniture placement Feng Shui five must know

Since after my Feng Shui layout for their enterprises, Chinese wife has been my loyal customers. Every year when the Chinese wife and I predict her fortune for the coming year, and corresponding prevention work ahead to make themselves understood the good luck more.
Rumors about 2012, let her uneasiness with China, so after their new year's horoscope is analyzed, specifically and I discussed a topic on furniture.
Feng Shui on 2012 furniture problem concerns a lot of people, so I combined Chinese wife's problem, and everyone will work together to explore.
2012 as the Imjin year of the Dragon, known as 60 years in a dragon year, easy on the "ren-Qi long back, Dragon into the sea," saying, in other words, 2012 as the year of waters in Mong Kok.
In this year, how to improve your luck, keep themselves and their families safe, good luck to spend the day? Home Feng Shui layout can help you.
I have always stressed, too the respectable shall never be breached. 2012 water is very big, but we can't use keshui to control the water, it will jam; but with the power of water consumption of raw wood to alleviate Long Taisui ferociousness.
So at home in Feng Shui, there are caveats:
And use wooden furniture
This can be applied to all ready to decorate a new home, or are going to add some furniture's friends (unless you avoid wood except for the friends of Numerology), home d├ęcor, to use wood raw material is better.
In this issue, Chinese wife very happy. Because Mr like wooden furniture was heavy, luxurious feel, so their home is the choice when China Crane Group products, including furniture, doors and so on.